Ruger Predator $1000 for 1000 yards bundle package

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Introducing the ultimate precision package for your Ruger American Predator $1000 for 1000 yards build! Elevate your shooting experience and reach remarkable distances with our carefully curated selection of top-notch accessories, all within a budget-friendly $550.

We understand the desire for peak performance without breaking the bank, which is why we meticulously handpicked components to optimize your rifle's accuracy at extreme ranges.

Our comprehensive package delivers tangible results. Witness the incredible precision as with the first box of ammo we achieved a remarkable 3" three-shot group at 523 yards and an impressive 12" five-shot group at 976 yards, all while using factory ammunition and this package.

With our upgrades, your Ruger American Predator transforms into a long-range shooting powerhouse, ensuring unparalleled performance and accuracy up to 1000 yards. Prepare to elevate your shooting game and conquer new distances with confidence.


These are what we recommend for turning this into a very capable 1000 yard, $1000 setup. Below is the complete package Value 

Product MSRP Retail
EP4 6-24 $449.99 $329.99
MDT Oryx Bipod $99.99 $99.99
Bolt Knob $29.99 $29.99
Rings $69.99 $52.49
Throw Lever $39.99 $29.99
Bubble level $34.99 $26.24
Flip Up Caps $44.99 $33.74
Shooting Bag $19.99 $14.99
Hat $29.99 $22.49
Shirt $29.99 $22.49
Total $849.90 $662.40


Why did we pick the EP4 6-24x50? We wanted a scope that wasn't too heavy. This is designed to be a hunting rifle that you would want to pack for miles. We wanted one with excellent tracking and one with great reticle options. It has the VHR reticle if you typically dial for elevation giving you the best chance of watching your trace and seeing where your bullet impacted, or, the VPR reticle if you like to use holdover even in wind the Christmas Tree style reticle gives you that flexibility. 

Rings- Arken makes some excellent rings for the price. As pictured is the short rings. With a 60 degree bolt throw it allows plenty of room to go with the short rings. 

MDT Oryx Bipod- This is my favorite bipod that fit's this price range. It is simple, rugged, sturdy, and has the perfect height options that we have found for both bench and hunting scenarios at 7-10" in height. 

Bolt Handle Knob- With a 60 degree bolt throw instead of a 90, it makes the bolt harder to lift open to get the next round into the chamber. The quickest and easiest fix for that is a little extra leverage with an oversize bolt knob. This bolt knob goes on in literally 20 seconds. 

Bubble Level- Once you get out past 500 yards, having your rifle canted too far left or right can be the difference in a hit or miss. 

Throw Lever- This makes adjusting the magnification quick and easy so you are ready when that perfect shot presents itself.

Shirt & Hat- They come with the package deal currently. They might not always be here. If you have a shirt preference size, put it in the notes and we'll do our best to accommodate.