Pre-Order for AGM Adder TS50-640

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This $100 Pre-order will go towards the purchase price, and when we receive the scope (ETA as early as March but possibly April-May) the remaining $4395 will be due before shipment. We will include 25 extra CR123's or an External Battery Pack along with some thermal targets and a library of tutorial videos showing you step-by-step how to use all the features of this scope. At this time we may have External Rangefinders available and could be greatly discounted if you wanted to add one to your order. 

Comes with an ADM Recon Style Mount

Internal Rechargeable Battery gives a 15 hr run time

Type C Charging Port

384 Core and 12 Micron

Magnification range of 2.5-20

Onboard Video Recording

Onboard Audio Recording

Shot Activated Recording

See the pictures for the complete Specs