AGM Adder TS35-384 plus RM1200LRF Laser Rangefinder

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We would argue that this scope has the best image quality for the price than any other scope on the market!

Comes with an ADM Recon Style Mount

Comes with a RM1200LRF external laser rangefinder that works great out to 700 yards consistently. If you are right eye dominant choose the left side mount. If you are left eye dominant (shoot with your left eye) choose the right side mount so you can look through the scope with your dominant eye and see the rangefinder with the other. 

Internal Rechargeable Battery gives a 15 hr run time

Type C Charging Port

384 Core and 12 Micron

Magnification range of 3-24

Onboard Video Recording

Onboard Audio Recording

Shot Activated Recording

See the pictures for the complete Specs