Arken Halo Scope Rings (Low, Med, or High) 30mm and 34mm

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If you are looking for some machined scope rings (vs cast scope rings) for that precision build, these Arken Halo Scope Rings are a great value and our top recommendation. They come in the following sizes:

30mm Low .97"

30mm Medium 1.26"

34mm Low .92"

34mm Medium 1.26"

34mm High 1.45"

ARKEN OPTICS Halo Series billet precision scope rings are CNC machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum that have ZERO tolerances for errors in any conditions.

With ARKEN’s endless pursuit for precision, HALO rings are machined in pairs for ultimate accuracy and consistency. Torx style socket screws along with enhanced recoil lugs result in amazing stability and secure mounting.

Arken Optics recommends max torque settings no greater than 18in/lb for ring screws and 30in/lbs for base screws. The optic manufacturer's specification shall always supersede Arken's Halo Rings specification, unless higher.